Street Art: El Nino de Las Pinturas

Walking through Realejo in Granada, the old jewish quarter, you will find yourself face-to-face with some truly inspiring street art. Granada artist El Nino de Las Pinturas is currently in New York, having just finished a gorgeous, four-story high mural in SoHo, NYC. But his work in Granada, while often on a much smaller scale than [...]

A Tale of Two Cathedrals: Catedral de Sevilla and Catedral de Mallorca

What do you look for in a house of worship? Some seek austere simplicity, while others yearn for majesty, something to both make them feel small and a part of something greater. As an American, the great churches of Europe are awe-inspiring and omnipresent, and visiting them can be a complex, conflicting experience. The Cathedral of [...]

Nothing’s Under Control, and Everything’s OK: Eleven Hours to Sevilla

In deciding to backpack around Spain, not really deciding from one week to the next where I was heading, one of the questions I had was whether I would actually enjoy that open-ended, potentially-chaotic experience. It's easy and even understandable to get frustrated when you're traveling. Cultures are different, social norms are different, the transportation [...]

Heidelberg, Germany: The Philosophers and Snakes Workout

While traveling, people often worry about how to stay in shape. My answer: Heidelberg. The picturesque, romantic city, nestled between two banks of the Neckar river in south west Germany, is quite overrun with tourists. If you're a first-time American traveler anxious about not being able to understand the language, Heidelberg is the place to go: [...]

Eight Hours in Keflavik International Airport

This entry was supposed to read "Eight Hours in Reykjavik." Alas, it was not to be. I arrived in Keflavik International Airport (KEF) at 11:15PM, and have a transfer flight leaving the airport at 7:35AM. Eight hours in Reykjavik! Dancing in the streets! Floating in geothermal springs! Chatting it up with locals! The nice lady at [...]