Palma de Mallorca

Flying to Mallorca, your first impression might be that of a giant European party bus. You might find yourself surrounded by jovial groups of grown men bearing hot-pink tank tops declaring themselves "Helene Fischer Ultras," a reference to prominent and award-winning German folk singer. They will down a few beers before takeoff, sing drinking songs throughout [...]

Eight Hours in Keflavik International Airport

This entry was supposed to read "Eight Hours in Reykjavik." Alas, it was not to be. I arrived in Keflavik International Airport (KEF) at 11:15PM, and have a transfer flight leaving the airport at 7:35AM. Eight hours in Reykjavik! Dancing in the streets! Floating in geothermal springs! Chatting it up with locals! The nice lady at [...]

“It’s a government-sanctioned pat down, not a frisk”

You know those "request a private screening" signs you see at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) area in the airport? But you never take it because you're in a hurry and you're thinking about your flight, right? This is why I'm here. Requesting a private screening, at least at Boston Logan Airport, results in a [...]

Roll, Baby, Roll

Ever since I can remember, people have laughed about how long it takes women to get dressed. I have never understood this. That's not entirely true. I understand the stereotype they're talking about. It's just that, in my experience, it's men that take forever to get dressed. The hours I have spent sitting on a couch with [...]

Not Enough Time

There is too much world, and not enough time. As I typed the above sentence, I originally typed "world" as "work," and it seems just as valid. I've been a writer at Harvard University for the past five years, writing more than 250 stories about the university's students, researchers, faculty, and events. I've led workshops [...]